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22 Day Meditation Challenge

Congratulations on your choice to evolve. Growth is the gift of meditation and yoga, and this challenge is designed to cultivate more peace, grounding, and wellness in your life. This is a gift you are giving yourself! Take full advantage & enjoy.

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Align Your Style to Your Soul

In this course, Marisol shepherds you through a journey of defining and refining your personal style. You will begin to discover a style that accurately reflects your authentic personality. You will start to learn to love what you wear and to feel good wearing it. This self-guided personal transformation contains 7 modules of educational style content created to enhance your relationship to your style, ranging from writing out your own personal style story, to visioning out your greatest style goals, to understanding the technical components of what colors, fits and looks are best suited for you and your personality, ultimately leading you to walk in this world with a confidence that you not only look good, but that you feel good too!

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Yoga and Meditation Retreat – February 6-9, 2020

It is this the quality & intentionality of this journey that determines how we show up in the world, the way we digest what happens in our life, and the adventures to which we say YES. Taking this journey is an invitation to step out of fear and into love, out of stress and into enthusiasm, out of our “should’s” and into our own divinely infused truth. Saying YES to this journey is saying YES to our soul. We cannot afford not to walk this journey. No schedule is too busy, no children too demanding, no job too consuming to say NO to our highest truth. This retreat is a pause button to reconnect. To reconnect with your heart, with nature, with rhythm. It is a pause button to remember. To remember your truth, your passions, and your dreams. This retreat is an opportunity to write your path from this day forward. And the Blue Ridge Mountains, with their sacred peaks and lush valleys, are the perfect sanctuary.

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Ignite Your Impact Companion Course

Welcome to IGNITE YOUR IMPACT! This course is called a Companion Course because it holds your hand with motivation, deeper training, and leadership wisdom as you take the IGNITE YOUR IMPACT safari. This course will help you get crystal clear on WHO you are, and thus, what you are uniquely created to do while building habits that empower you to live the life of your dreams. Your impact and work in the world matter. And so do you. IGNITE YOUR IMPACT is your vehicle to clarify and accelerate your impact in the world.

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