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Pure Potential exists to help you create the impact you most want to have in the world and the wellness to support your optimal performance. I've created lots of free tools and guides to get you started. Scroll down and choose what resonates with you most deeply.

Weekly Big ROCKS Planner

Tired of organizing tasks & projects, checking the boxes, and still feeling like something essential is missing? Work hard all week to find that you “got it all done” but didn’t move the big rocks? This one page vision map is a once a week date with yourself to consider what makes you feel successful and inspired across the whole of your life. With that wisdom, you can easily align your time with what matters most to you.

8 Ways To Expand Time

Feeling like you can’t get off the wheel and are running against the clock? I’ve developed mastery at time optimization, and have 8 easy ways for you to gain back time starting RIGHT NOW. They are easy, quick, and impactful.

Ignite Your Impact: A Field Guide to Embody Your Potential

If it's time for you to take stock and clear your inner clutter, IGNITE YOUR IMPACT might be the perfect self-guided endeavor. This workbook is designed to let you do this deeper work in your way and on your time while also building rituals that bring you into optimal health and happy relationship with yourself.

Ignite Your Impact Companion Course

Ready to feel in love with what you're doing and aligned with your Soul's desire? Ignite Your Impact is your PIVOT POINT from where you are to breakthrough.

The Pursuit of True North

Ready to Pivot Towards Your Purpose? When was the last time you carved out time to explore how WHO you are at your core is guiding (or not) WHAT you choose? If optimizing your potential makes you as crazy happy as it does me, you’re going to LOVE this free e-book.

Get Updates in Your Inbox Every Week

Pure Potential’s e-letter is full of education and information to help you, as a high achiever, embody & monetize your genius zone without sacrificing your health.

The Take 5 Toolkit

Life sometimes feels like it’s running over us - not enough time, too many distractions. This toolkit is designed to get you back in the saddle feeling amazing in just 5 minutes.

Pure Potential with Laura Juarez

Your Work Is Core To Living Your Best Life. Every day is an opportunity to elevate our impact, our joy, and our well-being. Will you say YES to living at the intersection of your genius and what lights you up? You’ve got this. And I’ve got you.

What is PURPOSE?

Discovering your purpose is about uncovering & embracing what lights your fire, makes you unique & gives you endless joy.

Living Your Pure Potential Podcast

Pause to live big and be well. Laura Juarez created this podcast to empower you with ways to embody your potential & activate your unique impact.

5 Daily Meditations

Welcome to Bliss! It is such a privilege to share these 5 meditations with you. Meditation is a lifesaver and gamechanger, and I hope these meditations will support you in those moments when you most need it.

22 Days Meditation Challenge

22 Days of Guided Meditation to help you build the meditation muscle and presence yourself to what's important in your life as we begin a brand new decade. Begins January 1, 2020. This is a gift you are giving yourself! Take full advantage & enjoy. This is a gift you are giving yourself! Take full advantage & enjoy.

5 Steps To Failing Forward

Failure. Uggghh. What if failure elevated you versus depleted you? This 5 step process to failing forward will change your relationship with failure. I promise! You’ll learn my roadmap to failing like a PRO without carrying the emotional baggage. AND this tested system will ensure you create sustainable SUCCESS moving forward.

15 Minute Yoga Home Practice

Yoga is an amazing tool for focus and productivity!


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